Free Professional Theatre (or nearly free)

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What if you need to reconcile with your family?

What if you did something unforgiveable; violated your own ethics and the expectations of everyone you know?

What if you left home in a blaze of glory, “I’ll do it my own way! Who needs your suffocating expectations?!”, then find yourself alone, friendless and dragging around your own personal bag of fail?

It is the plotline of so many films, the inspiration behind so much great art that we forget its genesis as a story called, “The Prodical Son”, told by probably the most famous storyteller who ever lived.  This story wears many different clothes and goes by many different names as it walks in and out through our collective conscience.

Maybe it is because our universal propensity to screw up everything .  Maybe it is because we all need to know that we can come home again.

Whatever the reason for the universal appeal of the uplifting message, it is getting a fresh treatment by the Saltmine Theatre Company.  The 3 person troupe, from the UK, is here for a few days touring the play, “A Long Way Home”, which is a comedic treatment of the familiar heart-wrenching subject.

It will be performed 5 times from January 29 to Feb 5 in various locations around Kelowna and you can find the info that you need at Willow Park Church‘s website.

As far as the Free/Almost Free note, it is not a ticketed event, rather, a by donation at the door event.  Usually this means that you donate within your means, $1 – $100, whatever. Pretty sure they won’t make a scene or turn anyone away if you don’t have a buck to pop in the box.

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