Pampered by Gail: Big City Service, Uptown Price (Uptown Rutland, That Is!)

Pampering By Gail

In Gail’s cozy home spa.

Pampered by Gail, found in a little U-shaped townhouse complex just off Hwy 33, is a home spa.  The perfect place for Found In Rutland to profile as it fits the criteria of surprisingly great things that you might not know were here.

It’s the end unit on the left.

I visited Gail this week and met the super cute, petite lady as she invited me into her home where her Pampered by Gail services are housed.  Through her livingroom and up on the 2nd floor, her little oasis has all the things that you need for a perfect mani, pedi or facial.

Her certificates, displayed on the wall, proudly proclaim her successful training and transformation from a hospitality professional to a beauty industry professional.

With an emphasis on health and cleanliness, Gail creates a peaceful and upbeat experience along with a first rate service.

She explained to me the process of a good manicure which starts with impeccably  cleaned instruments, processes through several stages including a lightly fragrant hand massage and ends with perfectly coloured nails and a manicure that should last 3 weeks with normal wear.  (ie. not digging through rocks or bathing your hands in acid)

If you are a bit spa-phobic like I am or if you’d just prefer to spend a little less money for the same great service, do yourself a favour and check out Pampered by Gail.  Her calm, kind hospitality make you feel like you are hanging out with a friend and her professionalism and attention to detail will leave your hands, feet or face polished and perfect.

Give her a call at 250-801-8288 or email her at

Finished Manicure.

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