Christmas Light Up in Rutland

Now it’s Christmas!

Papa Thom sang, the kids were excited, there was hot chocolate and cookies and Santa arrived in a fancy, shiny limo. (as tradition dictates…)

It was chilly for certain but there was a great group out.  Around 4:30 people were whipping out their cameras and smart phones to get a sunset photo.  The hills were glowing magenta.

As my mom used to say, “red sky at night…sailor’s delight”.  It’s bound to be a great day tomorrow and with that towering tree gracing the Rutland skyline (Do we have a skyline?) it’s a great night too.

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Whisk Cake Company: 203 Rutland Road North

Today they are testing recipes for “cake pops“.  I put that in quotations because I have never seen these little wonders made before. In fact, I have never been in this shop.  It is a large commercial kitchen, a front area for clients and loads of space for classes.

But more about the cake pops.

Here I am thinking that it is basically a Timbit on a stick but I couldn’t been further from the truth!  Sure, there seems to be some elements in common between the two; flour, sugar, chocolate…the stick.  But really, it tastes much more like a chocolate truffle with mouth-melty texture, almost a caramel-rich-ooze inside and toffee-crunchy-bits stuck to the outside.  (That was the one that they gave me to try.  Tanya said to share it.  Fat chance!)

I showed up early in the afternoon to watch the evolution of the cake pop.  When I got there the owner, Tanya, had her crew busily rolling the inside parts.  Not exactly cookie dough and not exactly cake batter. I’ll have to take the class to know how? what?

While Tanya rolled, she answered some of my questions about Whisk.  She has a culinary pedigree that has few peers in the valley.  You can read it on the Whisk site. Intimidating info until you meet her.  No irritating prima donna stuff, just someone who loves what she does and seems generally fun to be around.

I need to tell you about the classes.  Not just cake pops but a host of different levels of cake decorating.  Again, this is all on the website for the company.  You see the link up at the top, right?

When I left I had some hungry-making photos, a cake pop of my own and a strange desire to make cake.

Featured in the photos are Tanya  Jennens (owner and chef), Jon Garratt (who has an equally monumental culinary pedigree as does Tanya), Rosanne Jennens (Tanya’s mum who used to run a ceramics shop in that very location and is brilliant with making edible flowers for the cakes), and Sandra Tubman (she made the gingerbread men pops: one shocked and one sinister).

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Dave’s Sports Bar and 103.9 “The Juice” brought a night of friendly, hairy competition. The bar was packed and even the women wore the lip-muff.

I must say that I am a fan of the mustache and there were so many celebrated with prizes and bragging rights.

Mayor Sharon Shepard (and others) Meet and Greet in Rutland

At the Wok Inn Restaurant at 183 Hwy 33, just past the corner of Rutland Road and Hwy 33, for light hearted hour filled with appies and chatter, Mayoral incumbent, Sharon Shepard and her family met and greeted Rutland constituents and business people.  Also in attendance were a few city council hopefuls whom you might recognize in the photos.

Of course, the scene stealer was Mrs. Shepard’s grandson in a mini “Re-elect Sharon Shepard” bright yellow t-shirt.  He is planning to vote for the Chinese dragons hanging from the ceiling.

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Picasso’s Coffee Break

Love this place!  It is on an easy to find corner with plenty of parking outfront.  In my opinion, it competes with the downtown coffee shops without the “attitude”.

I’m going to visit with the owner as soon as I can to find out what cool things are going on here.  Maybe she’ll let me photograph some menu items.

And yes!  They have a fb page:

Personally, I like the soup.

Photos of Rutland Businesses

So, I have been wandering around on days when my fingers (and my nose and my toes) don’t go completely numb shooting photos of the exteriors of some of our Rutland businesses.  I would like to do a profile on each one, even include a photo of either the proprietor or of an employee.  A little bit of the story would be great too.

Rutland has a community feel.  Rutlanders are interested in their neighbours and want to help them succeed.  That is what this is all about.

If you are a business owner and would like  to be showcased, if you have something unique to offer or an interesting story of how you have come to do what you do please drop me a line.  I’d love to visit with you and take your picture for my nice, new Rutland blog.

Also, churches, community centres and anyone else who contributes to our vibrant Rutland community, please let me know what is coming up or if you’d like some photos taken of your event.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Place that makes the librarians yell. They were actually yelling in the library about how great this restaurant is! Librarians!