Mayor Sharon Shepard (and others) Meet and Greet in Rutland

At the Wok Inn Restaurant at 183 Hwy 33, just past the corner of Rutland Road and Hwy 33, for light hearted hour filled with appies and chatter, Mayoral incumbent, Sharon Shepard and her family met and greeted Rutland constituents and business people.  Also in attendance were a few city council hopefuls whom you might recognize in the photos.

Of course, the scene stealer was Mrs. Shepard’s grandson in a mini “Re-elect Sharon Shepard” bright yellow t-shirt.  He is planning to vote for the Chinese dragons hanging from the ceiling.

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Picasso’s Coffee Break

Love this place!  It is on an easy to find corner with plenty of parking outfront.  In my opinion, it competes with the downtown coffee shops without the “attitude”.

I’m going to visit with the owner as soon as I can to find out what cool things are going on here.  Maybe she’ll let me photograph some menu items.

And yes!  They have a fb page:

Personally, I like the soup.

Photos of Rutland Businesses

So, I have been wandering around on days when my fingers (and my nose and my toes) don’t go completely numb shooting photos of the exteriors of some of our Rutland businesses.  I would like to do a profile on each one, even include a photo of either the proprietor or of an employee.  A little bit of the story would be great too.

Rutland has a community feel.  Rutlanders are interested in their neighbours and want to help them succeed.  That is what this is all about.

If you are a business owner and would like  to be showcased, if you have something unique to offer or an interesting story of how you have come to do what you do please drop me a line.  I’d love to visit with you and take your picture for my nice, new Rutland blog.

Also, churches, community centres and anyone else who contributes to our vibrant Rutland community, please let me know what is coming up or if you’d like some photos taken of your event.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Place that makes the librarians yell. They were actually yelling in the library about how great this restaurant is! Librarians!